Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Google Search: tork311 blog

Google Search: tork311 blog
Hmm...I thought it would be easier to find.

Now Yahoo is acting weird, are they updating?

Yahoo! Search Results for site:www.fastpcnet.net
5 less pages than yesturday, I wonder if they are updating, I'm also noticing that I have less links too. I notice that yahoo seems to count non static links, I see most of these are gone today.

google results are getting better

I'm starting to show up more in google search results, I wonder if I am at the end of my new site penalty. I wonder if I am under penalty or is it the fact that I'm putting up more content and getting inbound links deep into my site, not just pointing to my homepage. I've been real fortunate lately getting high quality websites and directories to link to me. I will say this, when you have good content it does make it very easy to get other web pages to link to yours. When you put up good content explaining your services it makes it very easy to sell them.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Hell on earth

I'm now convice the gate to hell is right here in Houston. My upstairs a/c will not shut off during the day. I want a single story facing north/south. If you buy in Houston get a north/south facing house.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Good food in Houston

Fadis Cuisine
Great food very reasonable price. The best part it's healthy.

I like them less than ever

AOL Yellow Pages - Computers-Service & Repair
I've had my aol yp listing now for a month and guess what - no hits or calls! Yahoo yp had worked really well for me, fact is yahoo search has been good to me too. I wish google would let me into their organic results. I'm doing ok with google ads and I am starting come up for more keywords but I feel like my business is being held back some what. I wish I knew the secret to let new sites get fast organic result with google. In a way I'm glad becaise I feel my site has become much more content rich. But as a new business owner I feel that by holding me out of the search results they are hurting my business. If you are a new business or starting a new web site do not put all your eggs in one basket. Optomize for all the search engines and if you want fast results from google use google ads, but be warned there is a steep learning curve there too.

Webmasters and SEO's required reading

Google Information for Webmasters
I think any business on the web or considering being on the web should read this.

Save a ton on used networking gear

horizon datacom used cisco foundry shop equipment router
I bouht my Cisco Ip phone from them, great product and great service. They also have some amazing deals on used network gear.

SEO or search engine optimization

How ethical use of search engine optimization is a good business strategy
I’m amazed at the attitude towards search engine optimization. People actually tell me that they think it is unethical or that it is voo doo, and these are people that own or run a business. What is funny to me is that most of them found me because of SEO techniques. I wrote this article hoping to put mind at ease and explain the SEO process. I truly believe that to succeed in today’s new economy SEO is essential to any business’s survival. With SEO and paid inclusion the playing field is level for everyone – small, large, off shore, next door.

Ipaq's do not rule

I'm not sure i'm on my 4th or 5th one. The feature are very cool when they work. I've been having alot of weird problems with mine. I've had one lock up, a could where the wifi did not work. Even after the fix all software update. My warranty expires in September and I'm terrified, $500 piece of crap.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Change of focus

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Hosting, Web Solutions, Consulting - Fast PC Networks
The focus of the business had changed alot of the last few months. As advised, I changed my priority of read on the website. I'm trying to find a niche and I feel Ecommerce and SEO are the hot items. I also want to possibly focus on indexing of dynamic content. I'm also able to offer Data Center Service in 3 cities. I've recently publish a new page on the benefits of data centers.