Sunday, June 05, 2005

I like them less than ever

AOL Yellow Pages - Computers-Service & Repair
I've had my aol yp listing now for a month and guess what - no hits or calls! Yahoo yp had worked really well for me, fact is yahoo search has been good to me too. I wish google would let me into their organic results. I'm doing ok with google ads and I am starting come up for more keywords but I feel like my business is being held back some what. I wish I knew the secret to let new sites get fast organic result with google. In a way I'm glad becaise I feel my site has become much more content rich. But as a new business owner I feel that by holding me out of the search results they are hurting my business. If you are a new business or starting a new web site do not put all your eggs in one basket. Optomize for all the search engines and if you want fast results from google use google ads, but be warned there is a steep learning curve there too.

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