Wednesday, July 13, 2005

yahoo sandbox?

I'm starting to think yahoo now has a sandbox filter. I had a page in the index the at was dropped for a month and then let back in, but is not ranking well yet. The page is starting to jump up quite fast now, but I'm staring to thing yahoo is filtering newer pages. I'm now a little past 6months old on my web site, I hope you know who will start to let me into more competitive keyword results. I'm getting good results, just not for anything real competitive, I hope that changes soon.

Bad customers

I love the lawyer who runs his entire operation on a desktop computer using illegal software and has no backup. Tells me he does not have enough work for me, hires someone cheaper and then expects me to help when the desktop/server won't boot. Then I have to hold the hand of a ten year IT veteran on how to boot off a 2000 floppy. I hate the side of the business. The customer does not want to spend any money then flips when disaster strikes. I will never again take on this type of customer, someone who is cheap and ignores all advise.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Web Masters and SEO

I'm amazed at the number of web masters that have no clue how internet search engines work. I also can't believe the lack for professionalism and skill of people who call themselves web masters. Business owners need to think about what they are doing when putting an seo with their web master. The web master always seems to feel threatened and defensive.
There are some things that I wish all web masters would learn
1. Proper meta content, there are rules that must be obeyed.
2. Taking the time to at least understand the basics of how search engines work.
3. Will use an html validator for their code.
4. Should try all popular web browsers and make sure the site looks proper in each.
5. Get a clue about web site conversions that the page should be relevant to the targeted keywords.


I'm still missing some money pages out of yahoo. They also still will not change my title in the directory glad I gave them $299 for that. So by listing myself in the yahoo directory I'm lost at time 10 pages and the editor can't get my company name right.