Thursday, September 29, 2005

Banner Ads to drive traffic

Banner Ads to drive traffic
I've had serveral banners made and have been running them on the Google content network. I'm finding that they do have a much higher clickthrough rate than regular text ads.

Well life is almost back to normal

I can't believe how crazy this past week has been. I'm just glad that the damage was minimal compared to what could have happened. The pic to the left pretty much describes the storm damage here in Houston.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Houston restaurants - from Denny's to Ethiopian

we decided to venture out today (Saturday evening) just to see what's open. there was a line of cars backing up on the street to get gas and money and food from the HEb Grocery! the only places open for dinner were quiznos with a line to the door, Denny's (also with a line to the door - we lowered our standard and checked on the wait time) and an Ethiopian restaurant w/ 2 cars outside. Has anyone had Ethiopian food? we weren't in the mood to try tonite. so, after driving 10 miles or so, we headed back home to make ourselves dinner. people must be so desperate to get food or get out. I can't imagine how long it'll take for this city to get back to normal.

Saturday morning

well, we were spared. we hardly had anything. just high winds (35 mph or so) and a little rain. we still have wind today. it buzzes through the cracks in the doors and windows a little. no power outages even. the hurricane came onshore about 230 am on the TX/LA border which is 100 miles east of us. thanks for thinking of us.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kind of bored

Well the season finale of Battle star was awesome, we are still have some strong gusts and a little rain. I think I'm going to race a little nascar on the computer and then try to get some sleep. By the way I never lost power for more than a few seconds. Having a 2 and half year old I've very thankful for that.

battle Star

What an awesome way to open the show. I really hope I can keep my power, the TV does have a battery backup which I hope will get me through the show!

Ecommerce and Web Site solutions - Fast PC Networks

Ecommerce and Web Site solutions - Fast PC Networks
I'm really ready to get back to business. With Katrina and dealing with Rita all this week, business has slowed down alot. I'm going to start re-running ads on the Houston Chronicle and ABC13's web site. Dam power just went off again, but was only out for a few seconds. I have a pretty big battery backup for the computer I may bring it down for the show.

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica
At this point I just want the power to stay on long enough to see the show tonight. The winds seem to not be as bad. I'm enjoying my final cups of starbucks. I'm hoping the storm passes with out much damage and my local startbucks will be open.

Rita party and blinking power

Power has gone off and on 4 times so far. We only loose it for a few seconds, but I'm sure it will probably go off. Here are some pics of Sachin my neighbor who was kind enough to bring some curry chicken and rice. I'm brewing the last pot of startbucks now berfore the power goes out.


This is a pic I just snapped outside. This is the biggest rainbow and most defined I've ever seen.

Frank the Weather guy's good update

well, the local 2 weatherguy who's really good just said the storm is going to hit much further east close to Louisiana. poor people in that state! lucky for us. storm surge already hitting New Orleans area. and people on the west side of Houston (that's us) may not even get rain. low winds, too. hope this continues. right now it's just cloudy and windy. no rain yet. not bad. a little eery.

Not that bad

From what they are saying on TV we are probably going to just get alot of wind and 6"-10" of rain. The storm looks like it is going to impact the coast 80 miles east of us.

Godfather's Pizza making delicious pizza, Chicago Style with your favorite toppings

Godfather's Pizza even a catastrophe can not make us close
The only place that was open for lunch. I had a slice of cheese and pineapple and ham. Zach ate just the sausage off of his piece and was pissed that they were out of pepperoni. Cloud cover has moved in and the winds are now 40mph + Starting final preps like filling the tubs with water. We are having Vodka penne for dinner with chocolate frosted cake and my final pot of Starbucks coffee.

calm before the storm

Nice breezy day, almost out of coffee. One more pot then I may have to switch to decaf. If anyone reads this and wants to help. Send 1 pound of Starbucks Kenya whole bean to my P.O. box. We have no idea of when the flow of coffee will return to the Houston area. I have enough battery backup to brew a few pots.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't mess with Zach

If must be nice to not really understand what's going on. We have been enjoying the extra time together with Zach.

Rita sure is a bitch

Just saw a disturbing update, it looks as if the storm is now turning to the west. It is still early and we are waiting for the next advisory. I10 close to Houston is starting to move, we may make our mid-night run to Austin depending on storm track and how the traffic flows west of Houston.

Missed my window of opportunity

Well traffic is way too bad for us to leave, we were going to go to Austin but cars are running out of gas and are overheating. They did open the eastbound lanes to go west, but only one and it's too late. Good intension, bad execution- We are going to move the futon mattress into our walkin closet. The good news is that the storm is moving to a more east track and strike.

Time to bug out

The Woodlands do not seem to be a good option, so we are going to Austin to wait it out with my neighbors sister. Storm is shifting and it looks like we will not get the worst of it but it is still going to pound us.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On a more positive note

The web designer that created my new web site has finished making some very cool animated banners that I want to use to promote my business.

USA Track 2 by Intellicast

USA Track 2 by Intellicast
The cone is getting smaller and we are on the dirty side of the storm. It is starting to look as if we are going to take a hit, I just hope not a direct hit

I really hate shopping now

I did my final supply run before the storm. No c or d batteries, oh well. I did get a good deal on watermelon and that was about it. No juice except for the organic stuff and of cource the crappy toilet paper. I was amazed that I was able to get a gallon of milk. As time passes it becomes more likely that we are going to take a hit. Although we are close to a man made lake I do not think we are going to flood, but I'm still not going to take any chances.


165mph winds CAT5 storm heading right for us. This could be worse than Katrina. I'm not even sure my sister's house in the Woodlands is going to be safe and out of the path. - Hurricane Central - Hurricane Central
Holy Shit, now I'm really freaking out, she is just shy of a CAT5
9/11, the tsunmi and Katrina I figured were once in a lifetime events now I'm staring at this. I know we have a 20% strike chance but I'm taking no chances I just can't believe this. It's almost sureal... - Always Low Prices! - Always Low Prices! Just out of everything
Well since I did not go the stor on Monday I'm screwed. While at the Vet picking up Griz's special vegitarian food. I was told to not even bother with any of the stores for supplies and staple items.
Most of my neighbors are leaving today. Kim is going to my sisters house north of the city, I will probably leave some time tomorrow. The storm is now a CAT 4 and does not look to be weakening.

Just my stupid luck

Well I hope Rita takes the southern track shown on intellicast. My big fear in the north turn and the angle of attack that Houston will take. We are 32 miles from the bay on the west side of Houston and 50 miles from the ocean. But Katrina had big inland windfield that scares me along with the fact that Houston has alot of flooding problems. Our house is close to a bayou and man made lake so I am very nervous about flooding.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Google AdWords: Success Stories

Ad-words can be very tricky and expensive at 1st. I've had some success in the past but lately have not been having good conversions. So I figured it's time to freshen up the campaigns a bit, plus start some new ones. One expensive little trick I tried was to try site specific targeting, I was amazed at how quickly Google was able to spend my money. In my opinion it is best to stay with keyword targeting and use the content network. I found I get less impressions but much better click throughs.
One thing I've just orderd and I'm curious to try is Google banner ads. I'm very curious to see the difference in conversion rates.