Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New York Colocation, Data Center, Disaster Recovery Facility New York City

I can almost kick myself for not going into the New York market sooner. I've had the page up for almost two weeks and I'm seeing good traffic and conversion from the page even though I'm not ranked that high for my main keyword phrases. The content again is saving my butt and I'm getting good results for very specific keyword phrase searches. The same is true for Atlanta but since it is a smaller market I do not get as much traffic. I'm going to be going into more markets, that is going to be the best way to pick up traffic. I've found that is easier to get more traffic with more pages rather than to try to squeeze more out of one page. Content really seems to be king these days. I am still finding links, I try to keep a steady pace, I don't think it look very natural if all the sudden you start to slow down or stop. I did just put up a new ezine article for disaster recovery, I'll post a link once the article is approved.

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