Monday, July 10, 2006

will I ever stop upgrading?

One of the joys/pains of owning a colocation company is the constant upgrading. It is very hard to get ahead, it seems like I'm always buying a new server, firewall, switch or something. I would love 6 months on not having to buy an expensive piece of hardware, YEAH right!
On my list of upgrades for the next few months- another spam applicane, firewalls, layer3 switches, exchange infrastructure, ssl vpn gateway(waiting for the price to come down a bit and to find one with all the feature I want either way it's going to cost me)
I'm also moving into a new office next month, that will be some more shopping I'm sure.


Vij said...

Hi Tork,

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We have our sales team in Texas.

Tork said...

The feature that I most desire and need is VLAN tagging, does your product support this?