Monday, September 10, 2007

Load your critical server on VMware Esx vi3 even if running only 1 instance

I recommend it and see the industry going this route in the near future. For smaller businesses this means your busier exchange (150+ users) and SQL servers. VMware makes disaster recovery so easy and low cost. VMware starter edition costs $1500, but you gain so much. Yes there is a limit to 8 gigs of RAM but what back end exchange box needs that much RAM? Having an average system administrator be able to move from one server to another even with different hardware by just copying a few files and just power on the vm on the other server is a huge benefit in terms of speed and ease of use for administrators. Yes there will be some additional training on vmware, but with low cost bandwidth disaster recovery and business continuity can be a reality for all businesses large and small.

Converging technologies, lower cost of ownership for SAN technologies, carrier neutral data centers and pioneering companies like VMware, Vizioncore and Equallogic will help to accelerate this movement

Friday, September 07, 2007

VMware + SAN + Good colocation = Easy DR

Disaster recovery no longer needs to be complex or expensive. Free yourself from the boudaries of your hardware and go virtual. I love that I can copy 2 file from a Dell over to an IBM or HP it does not matter and the machine will fire up no problem. While there are some big upfront costs you can impliment a solution that is not going to tax your current it staff. I can very easily show someone how to copy two files. I would not enjoy walking anyone through a veritas restore.