Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is now the time for blade center colocation?

With upgraded data centers and hardware forever getting cheaper this could be the convergence IT departments and smaller technology companies have been waiting for. Part of the problem has been with data center density. In order to maintain their SLA's data centers will limit you to the amount of power you can put in a cabinet. Typically you can put 30-40 amp of 110 or 30 amps of 208 power. So you can get a good mix of equipment if you use just 110 but if you use 208 all you can use is just 1 blade center in a 42u cabinet. You may only be using 20u's of equipment but would still have to take 2 cabinet to dissapate the heat that you will generate. So you would have to use 2 cabinets. Now that data centers are upgrading like Houston Internaps new expansion which can handle higer density solutions. You can now have a blade center, SAN and other equipment in a single cabinet. This will come at a cost space and power are going to cost a bit more in these upgraded facilities, over time you will save in the long run.

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Colocation said...

I agree that this is good news for the smaller companies out there.