Friday, August 01, 2008

Iphone apps are updating

If you log into the app store on your Iphone you will notice that most of apps have released updates the past few days. I am still getting some random app crashing or just going into settings I'll crash to the home screen, I do seem to have to reboot everyday or it gets slow. I love the phone but I think they may have rushed it to market a little to soon. I also wish they would do something about the volume and the power consumption/energy crisis.
I'm also hoping they work on Exchange email, it is a bit stripped down and the no cut and paste lack of function really sucks for a product like this. I know it's not perfect but there are some basic funtions that are very annoying. Like not being able to snooze taks or if there is a way please let me know what I'm missing. I also don't like the inability to propose a new meeting time.
I'm really wishing for microsoft compatible rdp client, please Mister Jobs and Gates give this ability to us. Yes you can use vnc but I do not want to load it on my servers.
Some of the things I really like-
  • vpn but still wishing for rdp
  • web apps like my monitoring server, helpdesk server and spam filters - nothing yet for firewalls, maybe watchguard can come up with an Iphone app
  • I do like Google maps my son likes watching the dots and stop asking are we there yet
  • Pick and choose is a great grocery shopping app
  • Iremote is freaking awesome it uses wifi to control you itunes on your desktop
  • I'm digging youtube, I use it for Elmo video's for my daughter at bedtime
  • The camera works great you just have to keep still like any other cellphone camera
  • I don't like the mute button and wish it were a switch to lock the phone - ok this one is a complaint
  • There are so many cool things, I've not had the desire to waste my time and play games on the Iphone

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