Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Motorola S9-HD

Another great add on for the iphone, wireless bluetooth headset that actually works. I love the Iphone and Ipod but hate being tethered by headphones. The first generation of wireless headphone had their quirks but the Motorola's are almost perfect. They work great on the Iphone except I do have to put the headphones in pairing mode to get them to connect a lot of times.
Getting them to work on the desktop was a bit tricky. I did not have bluetooth built in and grabbed a Rocketfish micro usb adapter. At first since I'm using windows 7 I did not use the cd to install, second go around I did and now it work like a champ. Music does sound better on the Iphone and my software phone sounded OK.
I'm curious how well the headset will work in the data center with all the noice, with the Jawbone I have to cover my other ear. I'm curious how they will sound on the other end with all the all the background noise.
My New Years resolution is to get in better shape and the S9-HD's fit nice and snug they are a bit bulky in the back trade off I guess so you will not be able to lay flat on the back of your head.

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