Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our online backup system is ready fo relaunch

We've rebuilt Columbus and Houston and have added data centers in New York and the Bay Area San Fran/Oakland. We have plans to roll out Sydney, London, Chicago, LA, Miami, and Atlanta next year. We plan to use Internap and Internap partner data centers or data centers that use Internap flow control technology. All data centers must be tier 3+ design.
We've deployed a cluster of three backup servers in each city plus replication and redirector servers. All data is stored on RAID6 storage area netorks. Our backup software works with all versions of windows and includes agents for Exchange server and SQL. We also have client software for Mac and Linux.
Since storage and SANS have come way down in price we are passing this savings.

500gigs compressed and replicated to second data center $199

100gigs compressed and replicated to 2nd data center $89

For smaller/home users 40 gigs replicated $12 plenty of room for iTunes Better quality and cheaper than our competitors
Please call me at 877 614 host to set up a free trial

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