Saturday, October 24, 2009

Barracuda's new 4.0 firmware

After years of requesting they have added domain account roles. You can now assign helpdesk users and domain admins on model 600 and higher.

Dedicated and single server colocation is a dead animal

With sever virtualization quickly being adopted as industry standard it no longer makes sense to colocate unless you are already virtualized with ten or more guest on a host, but this will cost you in power. Today's quad core servers use lots of power so that even if you have a 42u cabinet you will probably only get 7 or 8 server running with drives. For a cabinet in a real data center with n+1 on all systems and a 5 or 6 carrier network blend your cost will probably be around $2250 a month. Can you get it for less? Sure, but what is the facility missing?

Got two equalligics running in same center

Swapped sans in Ohio and now have a pair of equalligics running at Internap Houston can't wait to get this config fully loaded down how well it will perform under high io. I'm impressed by the performance of the enhance tech san but not by it's lack of redundancy on the controller.
Although not bad we seem to lose throughput on the long haul to other cities. I get good routes and low latency. If I'm close in region I get full wire speed.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Big road trip three data center shuffle

Still trying to get on the road to finish deploying new on-line backup service. Taking servers and SAN from Houston to Columbus and SAN expansion from Ohio to Manhattan and SAN from Ohio back to Houston. I wish I were flying but with amount of equipment and number of cities plus Murphy's law it's just easier to drive.