Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advantage of backing up you virtual infrastructure to us online

Our online backup is located in four data centers and we have high desity clusters in each with extra server capacity. So if a company has virtualized their infrastructure using VMware or Microsoft virtual server or hyper V we could restore their servers and run them on our hardware in the event of a disaster. We are using Dell hardware which are easy to expand. The generation 3 1950 and 2950 can take 8GB sticks of RAM up to 64GB and the newer R900's we have deployed can hold up to 256GB of RAM and 4 cpu's. With the use of our high speed SANs recovery is quick and easy.
I remember back in the day when a migration took a weekend and a lot of pain and suffering, now it's as easy as copy and paste.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of your company ...

At least, your online backup service is anywhere to be found in

Did you just launch this service?

Tork (John Tourloukis) said...

We've been around mostly for colo and spam filtering we are relaunching the backup service our focus is on backing up servers. I'm going to have the service reviewed but wanted to get the system fully deployed. We give you a choice of data centers. So far we have recieved very positive feedback. I'd love to get yours.