Sunday, January 24, 2010

Google Droid virus popups

My girlfriend was searching on her new Google droid from verizon she was doing a seach on Haiti fund raising and she was taken to a virus scanner page and the popups started. Now she is getting the popup that her computer might be at risk when she opens the browers and while she is surfing. I can't believe this, i've never seen this on a mobile browser before and I've owned blackberry, windows mobile and apple.
As much as Google is putting into this I'm suprised that they don't have tighter quality control.


Tork (John Tourloukis) said...

I fixed it simply by Clearing the Browser Cache. It seems to have corrected the problem at the moment. after going to several sites. Here are the steps to clear the cache on the Droid and any other Android Device.

1--- Open the browser app, click OK for that pop up, as it doesn't seem to do anything.

2--- Open the menu by tapping the menu icon on the bottom on your Droid.

3--- Tap More when the menu pops up.

4--- Tap Settings.

5--- Scroll down a bit until you see Clear Cache tap it and tap ok.

After you follow those five steps you should go back to the Home Screen. Try opening the browser again and surfing to any site and it should not reappear.

After checking the droids cache I saw that the site that seemed to have caused this was Interestingly they had the Google icon as there FavIcon.
This problem and solution is not easily apparent to the typical end user. I hope this helps and Google builds in better controls to prevent this from happening in the future. The phone is a nice fast device

Todd A. Blank said...

This is just the beginning. Android Market allows app developers to freely distribute apps. While the Android Market does require apps to be signed, unfortunately, the certificate does not have to be signed by a trusted 3rd party CA. A self signed certificate will get an app into the Android Market. This seems like a ridiculously large security hole.

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