Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top Seven considerations and advantages when choosing an Online Backup Service

  1. Where will your data be backed up to? Is it a data center? What tier is the data center? What kind of physical security do they have?
  2. How do they charge? For data stored? Do they also charge for transfer? Is there a charge for software?
  3. How long are you able to retain your data? Are you limited on the amount of time you can retain you data?
  4. What features does the backup software client have? What operating systems can be backed up? Can they do servers? Does the backup client software have continuous data protection?
  5. What kind of bandwidth does the service have and use? How many carriers does the service utilize?
  6. How redundant is the backup system? Is the service clustered(multiple servers)? Is the service geophysically clustered(can you back up to a different data center)?
  7. Do you have the option to have your data replicated to another facility?

We meet or exceed all of these considerations, we use quality data centers with multiple long haul carrier connections. Our software is fast and works with almost all operation systems. Our software utilizes continuous data protection. We let you retain your data as long as you like
and give you the option to backup to where you want plus we give you the option of a second copy is a different city. Our system is clustered in the data center minimum three servers and we cluster so data centers can fail over.

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