Monday, June 28, 2010

It can take several days to seed your online backup

With hurricane season here and the first named storm, do not wait for hurricane warnings to start backing your data up off site. If you have several gigs of data and a slow connection to the internet it can take several days to complete your first backup and if you lose power and get flooded you will not have had enough time to backup your data.


Moxy Online Backup said...

This is true. It will take some 3-4 days for your online backup to work. I have experienced that when I had my work load been trashed for some sort of viruses.

John Tourloukis said...

If you have a 1 megabit connection you can transfer roughly 320 gigs if the connection is pegged for the entire month. So about 3 megabit or bonded T1's to transfer a terabyte in a month. That is why we do local seeds and send them to the data center is there is a large amount of data to be backup up. You also want to seed because the data can change so much in the time it take to create the seed backup. After the seed completes the backup windows shorten. If you are backing up an exchange server to an online service can be tricky if you have more than 30-50 accounts and less than a 3 megabit upload.