Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Online Backup Service

We are the best, and we do offer the best values. Our software is robust and feature rich. We can backup almost all operating systems. We have plug ins of Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL. We allow you to pick which data center you can backup your data to. Our data centers that run the service are New York City, Houston, Texas, Oakland and Columbus, Ohio. We can provide dedicated servers for you to use in case of a disaster. Try our service for free for 30 days and 10 Gigabytes of data. Monthly plans start at $19.99 per month for servers and $44.99 per year for desktops and laptops.


Anonymous said...

I was checking out your site. As the CIO of an Oilfield Services Company, we are currently spending about 675 grand a year on a similar service.

When you say that you are not the best, what does that mean? I am currently bidding the next year out and this doesn't inspire much confidence. Can you recommend the best to me? I want to get my annual fee to around $400 grand.


John Tourloukis said...

I said I don't know, I guess that's just my way of trying to be somewhat humble.
The online service we offer may not be the best fit to accomplish your goals. This is why we work with several vendors and products.
I would ask you several questions first. The main being how quickly you need your data back? What are your most critical systems and apps that will need to be recovered?
Using an online backup service give you great protection but it can take some time to recover as you are limited to the speed of the slowest internet link. I can also offer hybrid solutions using hardware onsite and our backup software or another software vendor that may be better suited for the task.
We offer cold recovery,(our online backup service) warm site recovery (our server replication app) or hot recovery using VMware site recovery manager. We provide cloud services out of four data centers and we can also colocate your equipment. We can provision dedicated servers in minutes or have pre provisioned servers at the ready for you.
Are you here in Houston? We would love for the chance to earn your trust and be your backup service provider. I want to lower your cost and increase performance and features.
877 614 4678

John Tourloukis said...

And I changed the post to say we are the best!

John Tourloukis said...
I also wanted to put up a link to our peering downtown Houston. This is the network we use to run our online backup and replication services.

dorothy said...

Well saying we are the best does not help because there are very many online backup solutions coming up and well every one has a choice to choose any backup system depending on certain features like cost,reliable and lots more.Well thanks so much for the information.I personally love using online backups for all the files i need and am currently using safecopy online backup.

John Tourloukis said...

Thanks Doraothy, the orginal post said I did not know if we are the best. I did go back and change it. All the services have their pro's and con's. We redisigned our system and expanded our infrastructure to fill in where the other services were lacking. With us you can pick the data center where your data gets backed up to plus we can replicate to our other facilities. We also offter other products and services for a quicker recovery. We have dedicated servers next to the backup system our clients can use if the event of a disaster.