Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Day at the Mall but not at the Apple store

I droped by the Verizon Kiosk and saw the new Droid X. It is thin and the screen looks amazing. It will be available this Thursday and it looks like they will go fast. Even in this prolonged recession all the premium smart phones seem to be doing really well. The market still has a bunch of stinkers.
I dropped by the Apple Store, Iphone 4's are not to be found unless you have reservation. It will probably be that way for another month or so. I asked about all the dropped calls which has been getting out of hand for me the last couple of weeks. I now start my phone conversations with a warning that I'm on an Apple Iphone and the call may drop. The nice young lady in the Apple store told me to turn off 3g. I walked out of the store.

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