Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Cap for Macondo Delayed 24-48 hours pending pressure tests, Matt Simmons Please be wrong

I guess we will finally find out if BP fractured the well bore. High pressure will mean the well bore is probably intact. Low pressure will mean that there are leaks which will complicate stopping the blowout once and for all. I give Matt Simmons credit, he was the first to say this is much bigger than BP is reporting. He is also saying that BP fractured the sea floor possibly causing several other leaks which may be leaking a lot more oil that the riser pipe that we are being shown on the Internet. This is one time I hope that Matt is wrong, but he said the spill was bigger and that the containment efforts tried would fail which they all have so far.
Matt Simmons, you are a very smart man. I just wish you could be wrong this time. I know you say the relief wells only have a 0%-5% chance of working. It would be nice if your wrong just this once. And yes, "This is Peak Oil."

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