Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What makes a data center Tier4?

To get to Tier4 status a dual power design is required with two primary feeds. If a data center is a true Tier4 it will have S+S or 2(n+1) design. If a data center is using an ATS which is a single point of failure then they are not Tier4 or Tier4 designed. The other requirement where a lot of facilities fall short is being in a stand alone building. Tier3 and Tier4 design require the data center be in a stand alone building - not multi tenant.
If your business is looking for public colocation you are only going to find that there is only two Uptime Institute certified facilities in the United States. One is a Tier2 DR facility is Oklahoma and a Tier3 in Virginia. Almost all the Tier3 and Tier4 designed and certified facilities are corporate owned. In my opinion most of the better public colocation facilities are Tier2 with Tier3 design. This is not a bad thing, a facility might be stuck at Tier2 because of being in a multi tenant building but has Tier3 design and infrastructure. The Uptime Institute certification only covers inside the four wall of the data center. The Tier certification does not take into account the outside of the building and how infrastructure is brought into the building or other variables in the area of the facility.

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