Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another storm is firing up in the Gulf of Mexico, Is your DR plan ready and tested?

We are coming up to the peak part of the hurricane season. If predictions are right we could have a rough next few weeks. When we were hit with IKE in 2008 here in Houston, a lot of business's were intact with no physical, but they went up to four weeks without power.
There are many different levels of disaster recovery. The first and most import is to backup you critical servers and PCs. The next part that needs to be taken under consideration is work-site recovery. If power is down can the infrastructure be moved physically or virtually and be put back into production? When Ike hit we ran out of space at the data center space within hours. We were about to get some client back into production converting their physical machines into virtual machines. This is a process that can now be easily automated. As cost of hardware and software continues to fall, advanced disaster recovery solutions are now realistic for small and medium size companies.

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