Sunday, August 01, 2010

Stupid Smartpnones

Even with the updates from Apple I'm not having much luck holding a call. I can see that the signal where I live is a bit weak and this is why I'm dropping calls especially indoors. If you are a 3G user beware 4.01 makes the phone useless once you start to install apps. The battery just runs down and won't hold a charge. If you leave it basis with no apps the battery works fine. Even Verizon has a weaker signal and the Motorola Droid bought in January was acting up and had to be erased and setup again to return to normal function. The phones are starting to remind me of PC's in that you need to wipe and reload every few months to keep them speedy.


Anonymous said...

Even after wiping the phone the Droid is still not working properly. The phone still runs slow and will lock up. Then after the phone catches up it opens apps on Its own.

Robert Zarate said...


The iPhone 3G is a joke after being upgraded to 4.X. With 4.0, the battery life was down to minutes not even hours. If a full restore was done, with no apps or third party software, the phone was normal again. Now with the 4.01 update, even a base restore with no apps does nothing for the battery life. I can literally unplug the phone after a full charge and just leave it sitting on the table and it will die after about 2-3 hours. Forget making a call. Talk time is down to maybe 30 minutes. Dropped calls is still another joke. I know some areas of the country are better than others, but here in Houston, I drop about 20% of my phone calls. If I am driving, that rate probably goes to about 30%-40%. Talking to you on your 3GS I know that your problems are even worse when driving around. I dare any Apple employee to pull my ATT call termination report and then try to look me in the face without being ashamed. Don't give us this BS about ATT's network. We have dozens of ATT data cards and we enjoy the fastest data connections accross the country. Way faster than Verizon or Sprint's CDMA. We max out at 600Kb/s with them on our tests here in Houston. ATT data is always a consistent 2000Kb/s. The only thing faster is Clear's 4G where we've tested a consistent 3000Kb/s to 6000Kb/s around town. The problem with Clear is it is no where near the density in antennas it needs to be to compete with the 3G presence.

Robert Zarate said...

The Sprint EVO 4G is one sweet phone. It's my second experience with Android. This Android thing has taken off and is starting to blow up. With another 3 or 4 versions, I think it will be an awesome platform. The few quirks and things it doesn't do will be fixed and added. No dropped calls. Apple watch out, you are the king but your screw ups are costing you and the snowball is growing. Fix the dropped call issue and stop finger pointing. Get ready to get sideswiped by Android when it passes you by. You make one proprietary phone. Android is on dozens of phones and multiple carriers. I honestly don't know what phone I'll have in the next year. I just know it will be the best one, even if that means I'll have to surrender my iPhone to a new king.