Sunday, August 15, 2010

What can you do with cheap bandwidth?

You can get a very fast connection now at a very low cost. Cable service providers have upped their connection speeds. New high speed broadband services are entering the market. What I like most about this is the upload speeds are increasing. Here at my home office I have the new Comcast Blast service and outside my firewall I'll hit upload speeds close to four megabits. I’ll get 61 megabits download. Comcast offers this as an upgraded service for $57.95 per month. Comcast business class offers this service on their premium package for $99.95 per month. Now they offer an even higher speed Deluxe package for $189.95 per month.
What can you do with these low cost connections? Redundancy, most SOHO firewalls support multiple internet connections. For less than the cost of a T1 you can have cable, dsl and wimax to keep your office online. With low cost high speed connections disaster recovery can become a reality. Replicating data off site and keep it in sync is now possible as the cost of fast upload connections drop. Most small and medium businesses have some backup procedures in place. What they lack is a disaster recovery plan to get them up quickly. Using a tape backup and leaving the tapes sitting next to the server is not good. What if the server is lost to fire, theft or flooding? How long will it take to get a server and have back up and running?
There are new products on the market that can make this process easier. My favorite feature is physical server conversion to a virtual server. An exact duplicate of your server and all its data is replicate to another office or data center. In the event of a disaster or long term outage the server can be turned on and quickly reconfigured to go back into production. With even more advance software this whole process can be automated. The best part is the cost of these products and services has converged to make enterprise quality disaster recovery a reality for businesses of all sizes.

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