Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Online Backup Service

We are the best, and we do offer the best values. Our software is robust and feature rich. We can backup almost all operating systems. We have plug ins of Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL. We allow you to pick which data center you can backup your data to. Our data centers that run the service are New York City, Houston, Texas, Oakland and Columbus, Ohio. We can provide dedicated servers for you to use in case of a disaster. Try our service for free for 30 days and 10 Gigabytes of data. Monthly plans start at $19.99 per month for servers and $44.99 per year for desktops and laptops.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does your online backup software do this?

Can you backup locally? can you restore from a local backup? Our service lets you do that and our online backup software contain continuous data protection. Download a 30day free trial and see. Download a free online backup service trial for 30 day and 10GB. If you have servers to backup try our free online server backup trial which includes plugins for Microsoft exchange server and SQL.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Best Deal for Online Backups Only $44.99 per year

Unlimited online storage for Desktop, Laptops and workstations. Only $44.99 and our software has continuous data protection - Backup your work as you go!
This is our best deal ever for online backups. Pick one of our four data centers where you would like to have your data backed up. We use Internap data center and our Columbus Ohio DR facility uses Internap's FCP.
Try Fast Backup PC Free for 30 days! 10 Gigabytes and continuous data protection included!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Houston Data Center Colocation Deal at 1301 Fannin Internap

1u, 450watt power supply or less single plug on managed pdu includes 1 meg Internap bandwidth and cross connect for $129.99 per month.
Colocate at 1301 Fannin at Internap
The best carrier hotel in Houston and in my opinion the best infrastructure
We also have dedicated servers that can be ready in minutes -
2008 R2 64bit 50 Gig SAN HDD, 2GB RAM and 1 meg of Internap premium bandwidth $149.99 per month Pick - Houston, NYC (Internap), Bay Area (365 Main and Internap), Houston (Internap) or Columbus, Ohio (YourColo) 6 carrier data center network with Internap FCP
30GB online Backup includes server agents (Exchange Server, SQL) $19.99 per month $29.99 per month for 2 copies we replicate your backups to Columbus Ohio.
Spam Filtering $19.99 up to 12 email addresses
Blog only deals

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Imaging and Online Backup for Maximum Protection against Data Loss

One of the best features added in Vista and now in Windows 7 is system imaging. System imaging is the best way to back any computer system. I have backed my system up using this utility and I'm lucky to have not had to restore yet. I've used other products with great success in the past especially when upgrading to larger hard disk drives.

The downside to imaging is that it does take some time and usually requires a second or external hard drive. You can also image to DVD's but this will require several disks. I just upgraded from Office 2007 to 2010 and make a system image in case something goes wrong. By the way it didn't and I really like the new office. Outlook is a lot quicker.
The issue I have with external USB drives is as a tech I tend to carry them around with me from time to time and they do not seem to last very long. If you have a fire, flood or other disaster at your home or business your external hard drive will probably be lost with your computer along with external hard drive and the data on it.
With an online backup service your data is encrypted and then copied off-site to a remote location preferably a data center. The Fast PC Networks online systems is located in four data centers through out the country. Our service also gives you the option to have your data replicated to a second data center. Where and the quality of the facility where your data is stored should also be taken into consideration. Data Center storage facilities should have multiple levels of security and properly trained staffing. Most hacking occurs because of social engineering. Data centers usually have redundant network connections. We consider backups a business critical application. FastPCNet also deploys its backkup servers in clusters, three per data center so if we have to perform upgrades or maintenance we still have two servers online to balance the load.
To protect your machine you should image it every 3-6 months or when you make major changes to the system like installing new software, then use an online backup service to save your machine image and the files you change on a regular basis.

Tropical depression may move into gulf and Macondo drill site

The storm is over the Bahamas and may move into the eastern or central gulf possibly threatening the oil spill site.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 minutes 19 seconds is how long my laptop now takes to backup to our online service

I worked in Quickbooks and email and backed up my laptop as I was getting ready to get out the door. Tonight my data will be replicated to our diaster recovery facility in Columbus Ohio. Even if disaster strikes I can go to to web restore any files I may need. Even if One Data Center is down.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top 20 cities that visit Fast PC Net

I was playing with Google Analytics and found this interesting, something I do not normally look at. I was just surprised by the number of international hits we get. Our site is very informational which is why we get so many Asian cities.

The Fast PC Net top 20 visits by city
  1. Houston - our base of operations
  2. New York
  3. London
  4. Columbus, Ohio - Our Disaster Recovery city
  5. Mumbai
  6. Singapore
  7. Bangalore
  8. Dublin
  9. New Delhi
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Atlanta
  12. Chennai
  13. Sydney
  14. Seattle
  15. San Francisco
  16. Hyderbad
  17. Kuala Lumpur
  18. Chicago
  19. Melbourne
  20. Seoul

Cheyenne And Tristan, Dealing with Joubert Syndrome

Cheyenne And Tristan, Dealing with Joubert Syndrome
I just wanted to say the parents I feel and know your pain. I also know the happiness and joy that all children can bring to life. Chey & Tristan will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saudi Gazette - New oil fields saved for future generations: King

Saudi Gazette - New oil fields saved for future generations: King
Is this their way of saying it's over? Has Saudi Arabia peaked? Saudi Arabia is not that big a country, how much oil can possibly be left? How much conventional versus unconventional oil do they have left? Are we starting to really see peak oil?

Why Bill Gates is embracing clean tech

Why Bill Gates is embracing clean tech
Steve Jobs should take a lesson from Bill.

Melt Gibson's Anger Management Soundboard

Melt Gibson's Anger Management Soundboard
Somebody just created this site. You are a sick man, not as sick as Mel.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So now with all the Apple iPhone 4 problems will the Stock Price rise if Steve Jobs retires or dies?

Oh how things can quickly turn. Do you remember when Apples stock dipped when Steve Jobs was sick?
Software glitches, design flaws and doors being kicked in. Steve's arrogant comments about how end users hold the iPhone and his AT&T bashing. I can't look at the news and not see Apple bashing.
Steve - Just fall on the sword, admit your wrong and fix the problems. Try to do what can be done to make it up to the endusers like giving everybody $50 in iTunes or something. Make Apple cool again!

4.01 seems like less drops, and the bars look weird

I added the update and made two call inside my home office. Was on quick for one and the 2nd call was long distance and dropped after two minutes. Called back while outside and held call. Walked into office and was able to complete a six minute phone call. This is so sad that I'm happy to stay on the phone and not have a call drop. Put the ego's aside and please fix the problems.

If you can not send email to AT&T and SWbell

This is a link to their automated get yourself unblocked page, it may take a couple of days. You can go here and give the reason or reasons why you should be allowed to send to their domains.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Cap for Macondo Delayed 24-48 hours pending pressure tests, Matt Simmons Please be wrong

I guess we will finally find out if BP fractured the well bore. High pressure will mean the well bore is probably intact. Low pressure will mean that there are leaks which will complicate stopping the blowout once and for all. I give Matt Simmons credit, he was the first to say this is much bigger than BP is reporting. He is also saying that BP fractured the sea floor possibly causing several other leaks which may be leaking a lot more oil that the riser pipe that we are being shown on the Internet. This is one time I hope that Matt is wrong, but he said the spill was bigger and that the containment efforts tried would fail which they all have so far.
Matt Simmons, you are a very smart man. I just wish you could be wrong this time. I know you say the relief wells only have a 0%-5% chance of working. It would be nice if your wrong just this once. And yes, "This is Peak Oil."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Day at the Mall but not at the Apple store

I droped by the Verizon Kiosk and saw the new Droid X. It is thin and the screen looks amazing. It will be available this Thursday and it looks like they will go fast. Even in this prolonged recession all the premium smart phones seem to be doing really well. The market still has a bunch of stinkers.
I dropped by the Apple Store, Iphone 4's are not to be found unless you have reservation. It will probably be that way for another month or so. I asked about all the dropped calls which has been getting out of hand for me the last couple of weeks. I now start my phone conversations with a warning that I'm on an Apple Iphone and the call may drop. The nice young lady in the Apple store told me to turn off 3g. I walked out of the store.

What makes a data center Tier4?

To get to Tier4 status a dual power design is required with two primary feeds. If a data center is a true Tier4 it will have S+S or 2(n+1) design. If a data center is using an ATS which is a single point of failure then they are not Tier4 or Tier4 designed. The other requirement where a lot of facilities fall short is being in a stand alone building. Tier3 and Tier4 design require the data center be in a stand alone building - not multi tenant.
If your business is looking for public colocation you are only going to find that there is only two Uptime Institute certified facilities in the United States. One is a Tier2 DR facility is Oklahoma and a Tier3 in Virginia. Almost all the Tier3 and Tier4 designed and certified facilities are corporate owned. In my opinion most of the better public colocation facilities are Tier2 with Tier3 design. This is not a bad thing, a facility might be stuck at Tier2 because of being in a multi tenant building but has Tier3 design and infrastructure. The Uptime Institute certification only covers inside the four wall of the data center. The Tier certification does not take into account the outside of the building and how infrastructure is brought into the building or other variables in the area of the facility.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

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The best online backup service and deal for servers

Backup 30 Gigs of your critical data to 2 Data centers your choice for only $29.99 a month.
New York - Internap Data Center
Oakland - Internap at 365 Main
Houston - Internap Data Center
Columbus - 101 Town
Or you can just pick one for only $19.99 a month

Monday, July 05, 2010

Our online backup is now fully Windows7 compliant

We just released version which properly supports windows 7 libraries.

Our web directory is now half off! $15 per listing and only $10 more to sponsor

We have cut the price for listing on our directory. List your company and web sites, only $10 more for a sponsored listing. We will allow keyword rich anchor text as to help your rank in the searches. We can create a proper category if we do not have one currently.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Update to the Chase Bank app for Iphone is awesome!

I can now use the camera on my Iphone to make deposits to my chase accounts. No more trips to the bank or ATM for deposits. I was happy with their ATM features I'm very happy with their Iphone app. There are so many useless Iphone apps but this one is great. I hope more companies create apps that make life easier for their customers.