Friday, April 24, 2015

This is why Applecare is worth it for the iPhone 6 plus

Even after price drop AppleCare is still worth it, a few weeks ago the assembly was over $300. I've not seem replacement glass for the plus yet or am I brave enough to attempt it. The 6 glass is $14, don't not attempt unless you have the tools and have watched the repair instruction videos several times. For older phones assembly will cost as much as repair if you want to do yourself.

Waze - Check your total mile driven and the dashboad does not work? It doesn't like IE11

Waze Dashboard If you want to check your total mile drive you can use the Waze dashboard, make sure you use Chrome or Firefox. IE will log in just not show you anything.

Redleg's Blogger Tool

Redleg's Blogger Tool I had not been on here in a while and suddenly got the urge to blog. I checked the page, pop ups and redirects. Look at the stats, just yesterday 153 visits from Russia, not for sure but seems odd. 1st thing I did was check the html in the template and nothing unusual. I found Redleg's tool for BlogSpot/blogger and it was in the widgets. Very annoying but clever, the widgets have been running for years with no issues.